The House before

    We saw that old house during our stays in Puglia and its features fascinated us: the square shaped plant, the charming star-shaped vault, wide and high, the unique shape of the fireplace and of the capitals, and later on we thought that the location was very interesting. So close to the town, in a residential area inhabited year round, and even so quiet and safe, surrounded by splendid ancient olive trees.
    We immediately imagined the entrance, the driveway leading to the house, half-hidden by an amazing secular olive tree. We suddenly pictured it, simple and beautiful, like many of the wonderful buildings that can be found in these magnificent Apulian lands. We worked hard for a winter and a spring, dealing with plans, permissions, and restoration works, with the sole aim of creating something unique and special. We can truly say that we realized what we had in our minds. What do you think?
    Carlo and Grazia